About Us

Faith Construction is operated as a  general contractor  &  subcontractor with business operating primarily in the New York State.


Faith Construction was founded in 2005 and in years of operation has grown from a small contractor to major player in our area's construction industry.


Faith Construction specializes in many areas, some of which include: Metal Fabrication, windows Guard fabrication & Installation, Structural Steel, Wrought Iron Fence, Roof Railing (Aluminum, Stainless steel), Wicket Fence Hand Railing (Aluminum, Stainless, Steel) Guardrails (A/C Brackets, Roof Dunnage also refurbish existing iron landmark work) whenever possible.


Faith Construction is working on projects for Union and prevailing wage. We are certified with SCA for Metal Fabrication, Installation/Fabrication of window guards.


Faith Construction is certified as a Local Based Enterprise with the SCA & NYC Dept. Of Small Business. We are also approved by NYC Parks Department and New York City Housing Authority.


Our commitment to excellence in our product is only outweighed by ou commitment to excellent service to our clients.


We look forward to meeting with you and the possiblity of doing business in the near future.



Fatih DAG